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Re: Who Is YOUR Favorite Star Trek Captain?

I guess I'd say Captain Kirk, but only as sort of a least-bad option. Really, the five regular Captains tended to be some of my least favorite characters.

Kirk-too much of an egotistical, arrogant hotshot(Pine's Kirk is even worse)
Picard-too much of a pompous speech-maker who was waaay to letter-of-the law on the atrocious Prime Directive, leading to things like "Homeward" and "Pen Pals"
Sisko- not too bad until the whole goofy "he's a half-prophet messiah!" thing
Janeway-an autocratic, bipolar nutcase who made arbitrary decisions
Archer-listening to Phlox in "Dear Doctor." enough said.

However, as for the non-main five, Captain Spock and Captain Pike(both versions) are both good. And though I might come across as strange for this, I really like Captains Esteban and Harriman from the film series.
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