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I love absinthe.

But it's hard to get here.
It is here too, well sort of. One shop in town always has a supply of my main brand, a Polish one called "Absinthion", my ex-fiance last year introduced me to a nice French brand with an emblazoned eye on the label which is good. And in England last week I was surprised to get a shot of clear Absinthe from a corner pub.

I just received the following email from Oxygenee Ltd, an online absinthe retailer:

Last year we were commissioned to create an innovative new absinthe at the Emile Pernot distillery in Pontarlier: the brief was for a crystal clear absinthe, with a complex herbal profile, plentiful Pontarlier wormwood, a good louche but a little LESS anise than one might find in a comparable "Le Bleue" from the Val de Travers. Those of you with some knowledge of absinthe distillation will appreciate that this isn't easy to do, as it's the anise that creates the louche-effect.

Our client was delighted with the end result, and, without being too immodest, so were we. Here is a tasting note on the new "Maison Fontaine" absinthe from Dave Hughes, the acclaimed wine and spirits author, and a senior judge at the International Wine and Spirits Competition for over 30 years:
And I am forced to ask:

"Why are you telling me this when you don't ship to Canada you "

The only absinthes they ship to Canada are made in Canada.
That sucks . But then other than Absinthion and La Fee, we can't get much here either, its always Verte as well. England has some Blanche variants but thats about it.
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