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Re: Destination: Outer Space - The premiere is upon us!

Well, I watched the movie (didn't finish the commentary yet), and it did not disappoint. Especially the closing credits.

Like the previous movies in the series, Destination: Outer Space is completely self-contained, yet inhabits a larger universe. It really makes you wonder why professional Hollywood writers are incapable of simple continuity when talented independent filmmakers can do it so effortlessly. As we've come to expect, this movie is a fond homage, not a satire or parody, of classic B-grade Drive-In films. Unlike movies like Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra (which I love), this is intended to be something that might almost be mistaken for an old movie-- at least at first glance. And the characters are always treated respectfully. Captain Jackson, in this installment, is suffering the fallout of the events on Mars and has a character arc involving his parents-- most particularly an artifact that represents his mother-- that is very touching.

Since this one is set primarily in outer space, it has a bit of a different feel than the others, even Cave Girls On Mars. In addition to the ST and SW homages, there is a bit of a Hitchhiker's vibe here as Jackson is buffeted around the cosmos from one exotic locale to another. There is a larger cast than in previous movies, but they mostly come and go-- the action, so to speak, focuses on Jackson.

The special effects are great, and just what you'd expect from a low-budget 50s movie. I find the home-made artistry of effects like these even more appealing than the photorealism currently in vogue in contemporary wanna-be mainstream sciffy. I especially liked the little village on the first planet. It looked like an illustration out of an old magazine.

So when does the next one come out?
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