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Re: Looking for a ST game (but no shooter game please)

I'd love a Trek game that wasn't "all combat, all the time" as well. Don't get me of things that I didn't like about JR\25thA was the inability to just phaser everything. Even back then I wanted a sandbox game.

But, like t.v. Trek, the stuff that was done sparingly that people loved, well, they got it in spades and the magic of it wore off. I got the FPS Trek shooter I always wanted (especially with the Classic Trek mod), the space combat Trek game I always wanted in BC, tactical combat in SC 1 and 2 and while BotF should've had more always went to war and conflict a little too quickly.

My ideal Star Trek game would be a game like Star Flight or Star Control 2. Both of those games feel more like Trek games than most Trek games. Hell, I'd be happy if they even used the same basic game "look", top down view, with just fancier graphics. Weird Worlds did just this...but since that game was designed to be played quickly (a five year mission on your lunch break) it lacks the epic feel of the previous two games.

But both SF and SC2 captured the feel of Trek by letting you explore large unknown regions of space. Giving you the freedom to engage in diplomacy, or at least attempt it. Making you have to deal with different races differntly. Brown nosing, bullying, or being neutral....all would work differently depending on who you tired it on.

Really wish someone would do something along those lines. And considering where games are today, you'd think it wouldn't take much effort or money to do a Trek game like this. Sadly, that approach just doesn't seem to work. Everyone thinks too big....a game has to have a crazy big universe, with system crashing graphics or it's not "sexy" enough.

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