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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

There was a LOT to love about this episode, but for me the thing that stands out the most is just how odd and quirky and charming it all was. From the gorgeous Parisian setting, to the Doctor's goofy little contraption, to Vincent Van Gogh battling invisible monsters...

There was such a different tone and feel to this episode, and I found myself wishing the show could always be this way.

I will say though, I wish they delved a bit more into Van Gogh's depression. I understand they were trying to soften things a bit for kids, but it still felt a bit too simplistic. If you didn't know better, you would think it all just came down to Vincent feeling "unappreciated" or something. I wish there was a little more acknowledgement of some deeper psychological problems at work.

Still though, this was definitely one of the best episodes of the series. With one of the most magical endings I've seen in quite a while. Bringing Vincent into the future to see his work in the museum was absolutely inspired.
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