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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

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Well no, in the original run he specifically states he has no control over where the TARDIS goes.
Add that to the list of other untruths he's stated that were convenient to him. In the original run he's never had a problem getting to exactly where he wants to go when he wants to.

This has lead to many companions getting stuck with him, and him not being able to return them home.
More unwilling than unable. The Doctor has always had his own agenda, and he's never been afraid to use other people to accomplish it.

It is a common theory though that over time, the Doctor has gained greater control of the TARDIS, able to pin point where he wants to land, and this episode that has really come true he's able to go to the past, the future and the past again exactly when he wants to.
Which is clearly bollocks. Any time he's wanted to go somewhere specific, he's made it exactly where he wants to go. Anytime someone else wants to get somewhere and he doesn't feel like it, "Oops the TARDIS is acting up". Total nonsense. The Doctor is a habitual liar, nevertheless he's the greatest hero in the history of the Universe.
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