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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

It's so odd to read complaints of how "slow" or "boring" it if you were shown nothing but paint drying for the entire episode!

I loved it personally. Easily my favorite episode of this series. I came in with really low expectations, but was blown away by the strength of it.

I need to make a mental note of who the director was for this episode, because it was filmed beautifully. Everything from outside the restaurant/bar to the Amy bathed in sunflowers was gorgeous. Don't even get me started on the starry night sequence. Amazing.

And of course, the Van Gogh museum scene was emotional as all hell. I'm totally downloading that song!

The only bad thing is that next weeks episode has a lot to live up to and The Lodger looks....different.
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