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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

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Something very important about this episode, the Doctor is able to fly the TARDIS to the exact point in time and space he wanted. A sign for sure that he has gained greater control over the TARDIS as the years have gone by.
The Doctor has always had the ability to do so.

Any time he's been unable, whether stated on screen or not, it' because he's been working an angle.

He's been able to pilot the TARDIS with pinpoint accuracy far too many times for there to be any other explanation.
Well no, in the original run he specifically states he has no control over where the TARDIS goes. This has lead to many companions getting stuck with him, and him not being able to return them home.

It is a common theory though that over time, the Doctor has gained greater control of the TARDIS, able to pin point where he wants to land, and this episode that has really come true he's able to go to the past, the future and the past again exactly when he wants to.
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