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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

It was good, but not the best. Typical Curtis though, and it was fab but it had its flaws.

Usual monster of the week, Doctor digs out something of old to find/see it with.

Although cleverly handled, making it the possible reason for Vincents documented madness, but never gave a reason as to why only he could see the beastie.

As is the norm with Curtis, we have brilliant character studdies and interations in circumstances that are so common place but, in the case of his Who ep its a bit other wordly, but it works.

The developing relationship bewtween Amy and Vince was a nice but unneccesary touch, especially when he picked up on the residual mourning for Rory, even though he had been un-written from time.

And the part when he painted over the sunflowers to sketch the monster was brilliant, with the doctor and Amys reaction, priceless scene.

and it had probably the best ending to an episode, with Amy wanting to save Vincent from suicide, but not succeeding, but she changes one thing, he still repaints sunflowers but with an added message to Amy, great and touching.

not sure if the visit to the museum in the future was need, Van Gogh didnt need to go to 2010 to see his fanbase, he just need a friend to believe in him, and he found that with the Doctor and Amy, but alas, it was there. The Ep couldve gone along that line of the friendship developing rather than running away from monsters.

But, saying that, it was a good delve in the psyche of one the best artists, which i studdied in art, or the world.
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