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Request: repository of Janeway's melodramatic quips

Hello. I'm a relative newbie (but long-time on/off lurker) to this forum. I've a request that I hope is not redundant; if it is, I apologize profusely. I access this site from a mobile device, and it's extremely difficult to utilize the search functions (and even write this post!) So if I offend anyone by this post, please forgive me.

Here's my request: is there a repository/list (on a thread in this forum or elsewhere) of Captain Janeway's considerably over-the-top but nonetheless endearing quips, such as (and I paraphrase as I recall these from memory):

"Time to take out the garbage"
"We need to 'outthink' the Thinktank"
"Time to bring a little chaos to order."
"How do we 'out-smart' a smart bomb?"
"I don't respond well to threats."

Sorry; that's all I could think up at the moment. I'm looking for the kind of overly-dramatic quips she so often used, especially right before a commercial break. I found these to be an integral part of the flavor of Voyager.

Can anyone tell me where I might find such a list (eg, a link to the appropriate thread or an external link)? Or perhaps none exist, and we'd have to create a list here. That would be a fun exercise. Of course, we'd have to establish inclusion criteria, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ultimately it'd be fun to create a searchable database or at least a sortable table filled with them.

Many thanks in advance.
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