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Re: Destination: Outer Space - The premiere is upon us!

Watched Cave Women on Mars last night. This is exactly the kind of film my friends and I kept trying to make in Super-8 back in the 70s and 80s, but never got our acts together enough to finish. Take that as you will.

Okay, I understand the whole "affectionate spoof" thing with the intentionally mediocre acting (it's the same thing we were aiming for with our unfinished ("Captain Majors" 30s-style serial), but what the heck was the captain/professor guy trying to do with the scary stares and long pauses? That was just creepy and unnerving - I don't remember any 50s sci fi actors doing things like that. It worked best in the scenes between the Lieutenant and the blonds, where the acting was actually rather normal (well, closer to normal, given the cavewoman dialog ).

I have to forward the website to that old film gang of mine, I'm sure they'd get a kick out of seeing what might it have been like if we'd finished anything.
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