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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

I thought that was just brilliant. The whole Van Gogh bit was just enthralling. The Doctor and Amy were great. What a sad story. I almost feel as if meeting the Doctor and Amy and the future that they showed him somehow contributed to his depression even further. Imagine how Vincent would have felt in the days and weeks and months after his incredible chance encounter with the Doctor and his beautiful assistant. He fought aliens and travelled in a Time Machine (which was impossibly bigger on the inside) and saw his work finally appreciated only to have to go back to being ridiculed, despised and lonely once again. Maybe his meeting with the Doctor had such a profound affect on him and after that he just couldn't bare to live such a mundane, unappreciated and lonely existence and he just wanted to be free.

Anyway loved the 1st and 2nd Doctor cameos. Loved the TARDIS becoming a 19th century bulletin board and it was great to see it burnt to shreads on re-entry (how did Captain Jack survive the trip).

All in all one of my favourite New Who stories ever.
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