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Re: Superman 2 Donner Cut: Something I Just Noticed

Kirkman1987 wrote: View Post
Yes, the end of Donner cut is a mess. This is because Donner never filmed an ending, and refused to use Richard Lester's.
Still, we know that Donner's originally intended ending for Superman II was going to be Superman turning back time (while Superman: The Movie was going to end with something different). And we know that Donner shot the diner stuff. So where was the diner stuff originally going to go?

23skidoo wrote: View Post
Mind you, while I find it an interesting curiosity, I still find the Donner/Lester hybrid version of Superman II to be the far superior film, and not just because, logistically, the original release was the finished movie whereas the Donner cut is cobbled together. I mean, people complain about Lester adding the Metropolis street gags. But who added a toilet joke to the Fortress of Solitude that even Lester deleted?
The Donner Cut also added "Slasher Fogelstein is a bedwetter."

Plus, only the Lester Cut has the best fucking line in the whole film, "General, would you care to step outside?"

Ethros wrote: View Post
As others say, a perfect balance lies between the two. And which unrelated, is also my opinion on the Donnie Darko Directors Cut
That is also my thinking about the Theatrical & Director's Cuts of Daredevil.
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