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Re: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

Loved it. I was worried at the start with Amys sudden, neccesary interest in art (keep this character trait, please) and the French speaking with westcountry accents, but it morphed into something much, much better. They didn't tone down madness or how those suffering are treated for the fact this is a kids show. They avoided making an invisible monster look stupid (very easy to do). The Doctor didn't instantly recognise the monster (I guess he's only a very-smart alien and not a lonely god after all). The Doctor being an art snob. 'If you're afraid of heights, get down from there!' Matt Smith seemed like the Doctor for the first time since 'Eleventh Hour'. Amy is mouring Rory and she doesn't even know it. Bill Nighy. A BBC show admitting that someone outside Britain has done something great. Killing a monster with an art easel. Realising the monster didn't need to die at all and wasn't actually a monster. The starry night turning into the Starry night. The ultimate Ginger.
Loved it.

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