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Re: The best Saavik?

I think they both had positive as well as negative qualities about them

Kirstie Alley: She brought something new to Star Trek, a Vulcan/Romulan hybrid, the confliction of emotion and logic, which Alley portrayed excellently (particulary the scenes with Kirk, her curiosity about the Kobayashi Maru test and indeed her curiosity about him)

Robin Curtis: I really dunno why, but her voice alone makes me tremble lol, its awesome how she speaks, but as Saavik she brought a more Vulcan direction to the character, throughout Star Trek until TSFS we had yet to see a Female Vulcan with any real depth, AT gave us a foundation but Curtis brought more overall to the Female Vulcan template that continued into TNG and onwards

Overall though, i'm with the majority, Kirstie Alley really was the better Saavik
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