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Re: Buddy Keys for Star Trek Online

What? I've had two redeemed, and according to my referral status, by 'Helios888' and 'TargetPainter'.

If that isn't you, then why on earth would someone pretend to be you to get one?!? All they needed to do was ask, and I'd be happy to send them one - I've got an infinate amount, and they're free, so it's no trouble to send them. Now all it means is I've got a potential freeloader on my hands, which is a shame - they could have asked me up front, rather than resorting to deception...

Anyway, I've sent you one to the e-mail address you posted (which, btw, you might want to edit out of your post, lest unscrupulous types spam it! ) - I'm not sure if having a referral key lets you do any more than what's available in the demo, but at least now you can try it and see.
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