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Re: Where did Spock go?

Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
Since the Narada was coming down around Nero's ears, I think it's safe to say that he wasn't going to survive another trip through the rabbit hole.
I agree--but there was arguably a chance, so the argument is at least not patently wrong.

Kirk1980 pretty much nails it but he doesn't go far enough. The audience wants to see Nero die--we wanted to see Kruge die, too. We'd have been sorely disappointed if Nero, after killing billions, including one parent of each of our heroes, said "Yeah, okay, beam me over" and we would have been disappointed had Kruge grabbed Kirk's hand, let him dust him off and said, "Yeah, I see your point, Genesis is pretty much a bust--what's up with the Vulcan?" after killing Kirk's son. TSFS just gave us a better fig leaf under which to hide our lust for cathartic vengeance. Trek '09 could have given us the same fig leaf (see my tractor beam comment--thanks T'Girl) but didn't. A Trek '09 apologist skilled in sophistic eloquence (oh, hello there, Dennis) could say that Trek '09 was simply more honest and upfront about giving us what we want.
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