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Re: Janeway's Hair

I preferred Season 5-7, although The Bun is the original.

During seasons 1-3, her Bun got 1510% more airtime than she did. Using the power of the Bun, she could resist all sorts of damage, reinforce shields, and create an unlimited supply of shuttles. Her bun was also able to display Voyager's state of emergency. The more worse the bun looked, the more severe were Voyager's problems.
Battle Tactics
Janeway always starts a battle by going to Red Alert (her euphamism for PMT). This is nothing more than saying: Red Alert!. The message given to the aliens is Want a piece of me, punk?. The next action to do is initiate the Self-Destruct on the ship. At that point, she is invincible. It is now she kicks the ass of the Kazon, Vidiians, or Borg. Normally, to make sure that they endure less pain and humiliation, the Borg will then start firing at each other.

Janeway is virtually invulnerable, as her enemies have stated time and time again. Even the venerable Borg Queen tried to give her the mickey once and ended up falling to pieces over Janeway - a testament to how bad she tastes or how emotionally she affects her enemies. However, she does have one weakness. If she has no coffee, she cannot perform any godlike tasks, her photon torpedoes vanish, her hairstyle even collapses into some sort of half-assed housewife setup and she can't even intimidate a simple lifeform such as a Q, or an R, or the rest of the alphabet.
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