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Re: vendoring censorship

Arrqh wrote: View Post
Yes, and? How is this different from everyone else? What makes Apple so unable to deal with legacy support on their mobile platform when a) they do it fine on OSX
Rosetta is great. Classic wasn't. Guess which one they don't want to go through again.

Arrqh wrote: View Post
b) everyone else has to deal with it too?
If everyone else had a dozen different versions of their OS available on different handsets leading to unpredictable software incompatibilities and jumped off a bridge, should Apple do it too?

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If this wasn't Apple but instead Google refusing to, say, return sites that use Flash as search results I'd be making the exact same argument.
I'm really not trying to be an ass, but this was the first example I could think of of an SWF with apparent unique text.

Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Flash," in Flash

Google results for that domain, using unique text on that page in HTML.

Google results for that domain, using unique text on that page in the Flash object.

Google doesn't return results from Flash. HTML, obviously. Word documents, sure. Even PDFs will show up in a Google search, but not Flash.
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