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Re: New TP: Seize the Fire description

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Blind Man's Bluff
Following the dramatic events seen in the previous novels, After the Fall, Missing in Action, and Treason, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur now face an uncertain future, as their lives and the very fate of Sector 221-G are thrown into utter chaos. With a storyline concurrent with The Next Generation, and picking up at a point where there have been significant changes, new and old readers alike will be captivated by this series.
I'm wondering if the concurrent with TNG thing will mean that they've jumped into the post-Destiny time-frame.
The concurrent with TNG part doesn't really give me that impression so much--they've been saying stuff like that since book 1 to try to get people interested in the series. (From the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation...)

However, the "picking up at a point where there have been significant changes" certainly sounds like it could be a reference to Destiny...either that, or there have been significant changes to New Frontier since the last book? **shrugs** Well, at least we'll be captivated...
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