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Re: New TP: Seize the Fire description

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It also answers the question, "Why were Nilz Baris's dying words 'Arne Darvin'?"
He named his sled after a Klingon spy?
That would be telling . . .

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Didn't we knew that text about Shattered Lights already and already guessed that it was just a promo text for the first two Myriad Universes books, hence the six new realities?
Yep, that's the deal. Unfortunately, anything posted on the intertubes breeds like tribbles, so apparently we will never be rid of this confusing six realities reference.
I sincerely apologize, I completely forgot that we saw that description already.
No problem at all. Although it's too bad the outdated synopsis is cropping up all over the place, spreading like a fungus, I'm happy to explain the situation because it shows people are interested in the book!
Myriad Universes: Shattered Light is still in stores, including my novella Honor in the Night.
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