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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

Would it be wrong of me to give you guys a new Tardis design, that is significantly better then those you have already seen?


I have something I did, and man.. i feel horrible..

it's majestic and freaking fits even better then what I have done..

do you guys want to see the new design? Should I display it? Or should I just keep following the path i have set forth already??

What I have done is nothing short of fantastic, and fulfills many of you fans who have discussed with me your "concerns" that the designs I have thus far related are not representative of the sheer massive size of the Tardis..

this newer design covers that, and on another level fixes issues that those purists of the classic era have raised about the Tardis being machine.. and those who like the living aspect of it..

I figured it out..

and to be honest..

I feel bad that thus far, I have taken us down a road that, well now in comparison,

dwarfs what we have seen.. this came about cause my other designs on my portable hard drive are unaccessible due to some issue.. not sure what it is but all my art is tied up on my portable hard drive..and I am extremely sad about that and worried..

I don't know how to do a poll,
But I can tell you..

I would like to know what you guys think..

Should I bring a new Tardis design to this forum, or shoudl I leave it alone..

(I am really thinking the new design will be herald as the definitive it's own reality, even over anything released by the BBC officially.. seriously, the design is that awesome...)


yes to the new design

Or no, stay where we are, and expand on that line of designs..

Please let me know guys/Gals..

this adventure we are taking hinges on this decision, cause everything here-after will be based on this new design..or what we have already seen..

your choice...
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