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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

Okay so let's TAKE this as a possible explanation..

the New Paradigm Daleks somehow end up in the middle of the Dalek/Movellan War.. they give an edge to the Daleks, thus Davros and the Daleks win, and the Hand of Omega Never gets used in Remembrance of the Daleks, and so Skaro is still there..the Hand of Omega is still on Earth..the Daleks are still one race and not fractured into separate factions due to the Movellan virus

Later, the Time War happens, and everything gets time locked..

the 8th Doctor uses the Moment to escape the time war, and returns to earth 1963.. he reprograms the Hand of Omega to fly into the middle of the time war having added the moment to the hand of Omega to allow it to do so, and the hand engineers a massive solar gamma burst (before the time war happens cause it will take along time for the radiation to travel space to wipe out everything in it's path), which at the speed of light, burns everything in a billion light year radius, killing everything! that star then implodes in on itself and sucks in all the charred remains, and Burnt solar systems..

The Doctor's wounds force him to regenerate into the 9th and we pick up from there on..
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