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Re: New TP: Seize the Fire description

Blind Man's Bluff
Following the dramatic events seen in the previous novels, After the Fall, Missing in Action, and Treason, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur now face an uncertain future, as their lives and the very fate of Sector 221-G are thrown into utter chaos. With a storyline concurrent with The Next Generation, and picking up at a point where there have been significant changes, new and old readers alike will be captivated by this series.
I'm wondering if the concurrent with TNG thing will mean that they've jumped into the post-Destiny time-frame.
Shattered Light doesn't say anything specific about the stories, but here goes anyways and says there are six story's while there are actually only three:
What began as the exploration of one Star Trek parallel universe explodes with the introduction of six new alternate realities.
Set across history, touching upon every series, and written by a variety of Star Trek authors, each story in Myriad Universes: Shattered Light presents a unique alternate vision of the Star Trek universe, taking pivotal moments from its history and extrapolating the shocking changes that follow those deviations.
In these divergent realms, known history is bent, like white light through a prism—broken into a boundless spectrum of what-might-have-beens. But in those myriad universes, what might have been…is actually what happened.
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