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Re: Buddy Keys for Star Trek Online

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Well, STO might not have a 14-day trial, but there is the free demo, which covers the Tutorial plus the first mission.

As for the referral keys, I'm happy to give mine out to anyone who wants them, but I'm not going to start spamming people over it - I've heard of people putting ads on Craigslist, or sending spam to every e-mail address in their contacts. Seems more than a little excessive to me, not to mention darned annoying! No in-game reward is worth turning yourself into the online equivalent of some idiot in a call centre ringing ad nauseum to flog double-glazing...
lol I think there was a little bit of misunderstand. When I said "Self spam button" I was trying to convey how there has been a wave of cadets spamming for referral keys. I was expressing how I did not want to be thrown into that pool
Lol! No, I get what you mean - there's a fair bit of both, particularly on places like the STO forums. People trying to schill referrals on to new players, and newcomers nagging for keys - and BOTH clogging up forums with endless topics on the subject, in a manner akin to bad mildew...

Got to hand it to the Trek BBS in that regard - by setting up an official thread dedicated to it, people know where to trade keys with people who want them/want to flog them, all in a civilised manner.

A little common sense like that often goes a long way!

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Actually I just realized that is the first thing I tried. I noticed steam had a "free Trial offer for STO" so I downloaded it. After downloading the 8gb+ file I tried to launch it, but kept getting the message "Your account does not qualify for the demo" From there I just assumed the demo period had been canceled and I would need a trial key or buddy key to continue.
Hmm... have you set up an account on the website, or have you just tried to download the demo. According to the site, you need to create an account/profile, even for the demo.

(Did you just send me an e-mail, btw? If so, I've sent a referral - if not, someone else has got it! )
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