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Re: Buddy Keys for Star Trek Online

Just shuffled through the forums, and one evident facts keeps coming back to blast me in the face. If your a new cadet and asking for a buddy key, you might as well press the "self spam" button.

Would it be better if I stated I found this forum in search of DS9 fanboys?...probably not but I'll throw it there. I'm currently an Eve online player, hence the name "Target Painter" I believe someone took the name I wanted "Commander Sisko"

My pops and I have been playing Eve-online for 4 years now, and are really interested in checking out if STO is the answer to our obsessive Trekkie needs. Eve online has truly been the only well developed space combat game out there for awhile now, so it was only natural we jumped on that band wagon. We are interested in making the shift to STO if its any good, so I'm asking if anyone is "willing" to transport a key to my email?

The game came out to $130CAD for two copies of STO but we'd rather test it out first before draining the plastic. Its a shame they don't have a 14 day trial like eve. I'd really appreciate any assistance mates. Thanks for reading
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