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Re: 'Splice' Sci-Fi/horror film from Cube Director

more good reviews:

It’s definitely not for kids.
'Splice' mashes up other films, yet remains original

Don’t let the generic advertising fool you. Splice is a superior horror film, although it’s safe to say it’s probably nothing you might expect and goes places you certainly wouldn’t dare.
The commercials and trailers make this look like a cheap rehash of films like Species and while it does possess some plot similarities, Splice is much more closely related to the classic David Cronenberg remake of The Fly.
Review: Excellent sci-fi thriller Splice is something special

Equal parts "Species" and "The Savage is Loose" [1974]
'Splice' cooks up something that's a little in-between

The mutant-clone in Splice recalls early Cronenberg—and resembles young Bjork

Horror Movie 'Splice' Was Inspired By Real Science

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