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Re: Time for a black or Latino Spider-Man

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^I wasn't aware of Glover having played Marlowe. But is his take on the character as well known as Easy Rawlins? Will it ever be more than an interesting one-off take?
I haven't seen it, but I don't think it was considered a bad performance.

Shaft, as you say, is a take on 007 and Hammer. Would simply taking either character and simply having a black actor play them have been as successful? No. Instead, by making an original, standalone black character, an iconic character was created (not to mention a bloody great theme song).
Well, personally, I think the original movie is heavily dated, and the story weak.

And having a black actor portray either Hammer or 007 in 1971 wouldn't have went well with the populace at the time.

The point about Blade v Van Helsing is that Marv Wolfman and his co-creator (memory fails me at the min) is that they created a memorable and original vampire killer and happened to make him black. They didn't go, 'hmmm, who's an interesting vampire killer? Let's take him and have him played by a black actor, 'cos it's time he was played by one.' They made their own. And he's at least as famous as VH at this stage.
Well, they could have done that. Doesn't mean it would have been successful or unsuccessful because of the race of the actor.

It's all about the story.

As regards the last paragraph of your post, I'm afraid I simply don't understand it. I haven't advocated making any Asian or black characters white.
The question was to you personally dude, I was just saying that the question can go both ways....
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