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Re: Time for a black or Latino Spider-Man

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I think there is much more merit in creating a new black superhero. To give an example, when walter Mosely wanted to have an African-American take on the noir genre, he didn't take Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe and make them black. He created Easy Rawlins, an original black private eye.

Now, Easy is regarded as one of the greats of crime fiction, not just the modern version but of all time. Had Mosely simply written a series of novels with a black version of Marlowe or Mike Hammer or whoever, would they have become so acclaimed and definitive? I don't think so. Would the Blade movies have been any better had Blade instead been called Van Helsing, but with a black man playing the lead? Doubt it.
Actually Danny Glover portrayed Philip Marlowe in a cable television film.

And John Shaft was a take on Mike Hammer as well as James Bond.

And Blade was a comic book character called....well, Blade, not Van Helsing...

And people could throw that back as well, in saying there is more merit in creating a new white superhero (or superheroes) in regards to Asian superheroes or characters being changed to white characters....or even in some cases, black characters....

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