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Re: TnT appreciaton thread?

Aquarius wrote: View Post
Okay, there's something weird going on here, then. I've been around forums long enough to know that sometimes you have to dig to find what you're looking for, and that's exactly what I did last night. I'm also pretty sure I still know how to read. When I come back to this site, I'm only shown about a page and a half of Enterprise topics, and thinking I was crazy, I went through topic by topic making sure I wasn't missing the original TnT thread.

I'm tellin' ya--it just isn't there.

Is there some kind of filter or something that isn't showing me things past a certain date or something? I'm pretty sure I haven't touched anything, since everything was just fine when I was last here in April or so...
At the bottom of the ENT forum main page, you'll see this:

Under "Display Options" at the bottom, the "From the..." dropdown list allows you to show threads from the past week, 2 weeks, month, year, etc. I think the default is 2 weeks.

You can reset this option permanently in your User CP:

Click on "Edit Options," then scroll down to "Thread Display Options." There's a dropdown box for "Default Thread Age Cutoff."

Reanok wrote: View Post
.Nice to have a new thread. More pictures would be wonderful.
Since you asked...

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