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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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I don't know about that... Rassilon being biologically immortal and creator of the Eye of Harmony, with his extreme megalomania on top of all that leads me to think he believed himself a living omnipotent god.
a valid point, he may have felt that about himself, however from what President Barusa stated in the Five Doctors was that Rassilon had achieved perpetual Regeneration, whereby he could continually regenerate himself. I think that he knows he can fix his body, but if his entire body were to be incinerated, I would think he would be wiped out of existence..regenerations or not..

otherwise the doctor would have said they all burned, except rassilon who just kept regenerating, and is still locked in the time war. LOL

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I see evidence from 'The End of Time' pointing to this also. Remember he said: "I will not die!". In the context of the time lady's treacherous suggestion, what Rassilon meant was that he would not choose death. He also lead the return of the Time Lords to earth to confront the Doctor and the Master, both of whom were possibly considered the most dangerous beings alive next to himself and Omega. In my mind, this was hardly a man who thought anything had the power to threaten him. After all, It was his overconfidence that led to his destruction.
See I have to disagree with you here.. and not that you don't make a valid argument that Rassilon may have been front and center in the Time War.. I just think that as the Time Lords brought him back from his slumber in the death zone tower on Gallifrey, they needed his brilliant mind to help assist them in the war. So Rassilon set about modifying the Tardises to fight, after being briefed on what advanced weaponry the Daleks possessed.. I believe that Rassilon, was too valuable to the War, and may have been on the battlefield at times, and maybe even took out some Daleks, but I think that he was more valuable as a director of the war, as we saw in the end of time episodes..

It was only the final act of desperation that led Rassilon to confront the Master and The Doctor, which prompted Rassilon to lead the charge. He was afterall the chief emissary of his people, who better with authority to command the master and the doctor then their lord president...

But before this incident, I can only believe that Rassilon spent much of the time war inventing new ways to destroy,and monitored the progress of the battles and the changes to time lines , even though their battles had no effect on Gallifrey's temporal time line..Rassilon would have been in constant briefing with his war council, the war king, and Time War Generals, also visiting the Time Lord scientists and engineers in charge of weapon development..

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And how better to demonstrate one's overconfidence than by materialising onto the battlefield in a monster of a war Tardis, dwarfing entire fleets and erasing whole Dalek planets with D-Mat guns?

well I doubt he would have a De-Mat gun on his ship, since it was linked to the Great key of Rassilon..

The De-mat Gun was a powerful weapon of the Time Lords of the planet Gallifrey. A remark by Borusa implies that Rassilon had at least a hand in its construction or design. It could remove the target from space-time. The gun could not be armed without the Great Key of Rassilon.
As Lord President, the Doctor used the De-mat gun against the Sontaran leader Stor and his remaining troops in the Capitol on Gallifrey. The gun apparently vaporised itself, leaving only the Great Key. The Doctor could not then remember the last few days. (DW: The Invasion of Time)
The Great Key was lost at sometime into the War, necessitating the Time Lords to research further more destructive weapons. (EDA: Alien Bodies, The Ancestor Cell)
Toward the end of the last great time war, the Doctor was imprisoned for over a month on an unknown planet with a Malmooth named Chantir, it was later revealed that the Doctor had planned his imprisonment to infiltrate the prison and steal The Great Key when it arrived on a transport. After escaping with the key, the Doctor explained that The Great Key was once part of a weapon called the De-mat Gun, a weapon that could "...remove something completely from time and space."
When asked if it would "...become another De-mat Gun... a weapon of destruction...?" the Doctor replied "Yes. But not as small as a gun. The De-mat Gun removes people from time and space - one at a time. I may need to create something that removes millions from time and space - at once. This key will lock the Medusa Cascade forever - if we need to." (IDW: The Forgotten)
It is unclear whether the doctor created a superior De-mat Gun which could wipe millions from time and space at once (by locking the Medusa Cascade or not) or if The Great Key alone could lock the Medusa Cascade (possibly wiping millions from time and space). (IDW: The Forgotten)
Now I left out the statement that the modified De-Mat weapon was implied to be the "moment" in the end of time..I seriously doubt that.. considering that the De-mat doesn't burn enemies in fire, rather just wipes them out of existence..similar to the crack in the universe seen in the current doctor who series..

My personal belief is that the Doctor used the moment to shield himself from the Time Lock, and wired it into the tardis.. which gave him the ability to escape the final destruction of everything in the war..I think the doomsday weapon he used was a modified hand of Omega, which turned a giant star in the middle of the battle into a massive Gamma Ray weapon (increasing it's intensity) which wiped out everything in its rotation path.. and burned everything to dust.. including the temporal weapons, Tardises, Daleks and planets..laying waste to it all..eventually the modified Gamma ray weapon would form a black whole and suck in everything inside the time lock and remove all the evidence of their existence..hence Gallifrey being gone, not just burnt to death..

see here for more info on a Gamma Ray Burst..

During the Last Great Time War Rassilon possessed a gauntlet which could be wielded to much the same effect. He had used it to disintegrate a Time Lady who had expressed that maybe the Time lords had lived too long.(DW: The End of Time)
I think that all in all, by time of the mass produced type 103 Tardises, Rassilon was more interested in concocting some powerful weapons and directing attacks from his bunker on Gallifrey, and researching how to commit the final sanction and make everyone ascend.. in the event of the time lords losing their war..

I will design his war Tardis, but I think that the War King of Gallifrey does deserve his own ship as well..

During the Faction Paradox arc that runs through the Eighth Doctor Adventures, a character known as the War King is featured which is implied to be a future incarnation of the Master. The character is also referenced in The Book of the War, published by Mad Norwegian Press when the Faction Paradox stories spun-off into their own continuity.
I think that after the events of the end of time, the Master ended up with an alternate reality split of himself, which joined Rassilon earlier on in the Time war, an this variation inside the time lock became the war king, but was derived from the battle on earth, when he was sucked into the time war while trying to kill Rassilon..when the connection severed, it split the Master since he was not entirely within the path.. and sent a part of him into the time vortex, and the other part, was sent somewhere in space and time outside of the time war time lock (to be seen again)..

a part of me believes that with this crack that changes time and space, and "re-writes history" thing in the new doctor who series, that the master, and the time lords may be making a return, and the time war, may never have happened..that remains to be seen.. but I think that that story line is a possibility..but till then I am basing my designs and such on what we already know..

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