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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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a detailed design will follow soon enough, for now this is all I can give you guys a sneak peek of..
But surely Rassilon would've had a new Tardis built for him for the time war based on his old design but with state of the art time lord technology... and why not with offensive weaponry? It would be his 'flagship' after all.

Also considering Rassilon's ego, I think it would be fitting for him to enable his Flag-Tardis to materialise in its true expanded form for intimidation purposes. (you may disagree)
Oh yes indeed, Rassilon does have a new Tardis commissioned, though I doubt he ever uses it but to observe the battlefield of the time war early on..I can't see rassilon himself fighting with a tardis, unless he knew he could win without harm to himself. Rassilon's Personal War Tardis had a super shielding, and long range weaponry, with increased sensory and temporal reality monitoring equipment, think of a satellite or radar and sensor jet from macross..

Rassilon's ship could monitor the time vortex, and would give the lord president updates on how time and reality were modified as the war progressed, as well as give him detailed sectors of time and space, and the troops fighting in those areas..he could coordinate from his ship, and direct battles..

I can see where near the end of the war, him not using his tardis, as it may have been destroyed, or the need for the type 91 + became obsolete after the introduction of the type 102s...sentient ships.

the Tardis above is form the old school days in the prehistory of the Time Lord lore.. and are from the era where Gallifrey begins it's space explorations, and rassilon's eventual perversion of that into is suggested in the series that Gallifrey is the crown jewel of the 7 systems, which I take as there are 7 solar systems close by that are colony worlds which house decedents of Gallifrey..

anyways, the ship above (I revised the image) is from the early days.. I will do a Proto-Tardis, a type 5, the Type 7 (Monolith of Rassilon), and a Type 10 Tardis.. then I will do a type 20, and then it goes 40 (which you have seen already), 70, 85, 91 (War Tardis), Type 95 (Rassilon's command Tardis), 100 (compassion), 102 (sentient war tardis/Bull Tardises). then I will do the other ships and devices, including the moment (which allowed the doctor to move within the time lock) and the weapon that destroyed Gallifrey and all the rest of everything in the time war..

but as for the War Tardises mapping the exterior ship size onto the outer dimensions, this makes the time lord ships even more interesting as they could scare Dalek fleets into seeing larger then normal sights, and bluff them into believing they had a new weapon, or some other class of warship device..

the mapping of the inner dimensions, is a pretty cool feature, as it led the Time Lords to make the exterior dimension form look more menacing in design, with spikes, and the grown tessellated membranes had a more ominous pattern mimicking thorny vines as support structures.. (you guys will love the type 91 war tardises.. they are fantastic!)

but back to the Type 7, I think that as a flagship goes for Rassilon, his war Tardis is smaller then the Original Type 7, it is much more advanced and powerful.. the need to carry a massive army and weaponry and vehicles is not necessary during the fight with the Daleks in the time when I do update this thread with Rassilon's Type 95 command Tardis from the time war, you will see the difference..

my goal is to chronicle most of the varying designs.. I may skip some here and there, but that is because there is soooo much to do, what you guys have seen thus far is barely a scratch in what I want to do.. and will be uploading..
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