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Re: TnT appreciaton thread?

Aquarius wrote: View Post
Okay, I confess, I've been gone for several weeks, so it's likely I've missed something, but...

I was looking for the TnT appreciation thread, seeking some wholesome shippery goodness, and it seems to be gone!!
You might not have looked far enough back. It fell off the front page a while ago. Poor thing's been pretty lonely.

Were we bad shippers or something?
Well, if you don't feed your favorite thread, it gets all sad and wanders away to die.

But seeing as how the last TnT thread was begun almost two years ago, I think a shiny new thread is in order. Aquarius, you can change the title of this one to reflect that (I'll change it for you, if you're too late to edit), or you're welcome to begin a new thread with appropriate fanfare.

And by all means, fill it up with shippery goodness! Pictures -- we loooove pictures in our TnT thread. Reminisce about your favorite scenes. Discuss storylines. Have at it!

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