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Re: Where did Spock go?

And I liked Gary. That's kinda my point, and it seems pretty obvious to me that it was Peeples' point, too: Gary didn't ask for what happened to him. Just as the guy on the Valiant couldn't handle it and Dehner couldn't handle it until she experienced a last minute pang of residual humanity, Gary couldn't handle being unstoppable. Otherwise, why include the heartbreaking "Jim?" when Gary momentarily reverts to human after the forcefield drains him of divinity? It's not that I don't think Peeples had a reason for writing that scene as he did, it's that I see his reasons differently than you do. That's the point under consideration here.

Seriously, how is mapping out the blond lab tech's campaign for her so chilling, really? If anything, it's rather charming--verging on homoerotic--that Gary knew Jim well enough to be able to so ably seduce him.
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