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Re: Where did Spock go?

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That's a little post-modern goal-post moving, isn't it? Of course, these aren't "real" people but, in order for drama to have any resonance, we have to play the game of make-believe that they are.
Actually, it's just the way I look at these things after I've seen them enough times and based on interest in how they work. I happen to be more impressed by Peeples based on what I think he deliberately did with Mitchell than I was even a few years ago before I really paid attention to the parts (I was asked to review the episode, which I hadn't watched in a long time). Of course it's to be hoped that the audience has a "naive aesthetic response" to the fiction initially, at least on some level.

As for the rest, we're just going to disagree. I'd describe Kirk as belligerent, but not with a nasty streak. I liked him in general.

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