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Re: Where did Spock go?

Even if I accept that (and I don't, I think it's childishly reductive--sure Gary has a dark side, who doesn't? Kirk's tried to rape his yeoman), how does it square with what I said about Pine's character vis-a-vis Uhura's roommate? Kirk manipulates her in order to achieve just what, exactly? A childish and pointless victory over a simulation? My point is that Pine's Kirk is easily as much of a user as Mitchell, only our society now sees that as a virtue. Greed is good and the other guy an afterthought, after all, even if it results in economic collapse, millions of gallons of crude in the Gulf or a broken-hearted (or, at the very least, humiliated) green chick--hey, forget her, right? She's just a green whore.

EDIT: The more I think on your argument, the less sense it makes. Gary almost died because of the dart he took for Kirk. Unless you're willing to argue that his latent esper ability told him that this would be a great way to manipulate Kirk when he finally became an amoral god, there's no way to dismiss it without being silly. The scene was set up to show us the manipulator Gary was becoming and contrast that with the harmless schemer and self-sacrificing hero he had been--a braver Ensign Pulver to Kirk's Lieutenant Roberts. What Gary did to Kirk with the lab technician pales in comparison to what Pine's Kirk did to "win" the Kobayashi Maru.

Happily, I just figure that the positively grim stack of books with legs that was Shatner's Kirk figured out a less emotionally exploitative way to reprogram the simulator and that the simulation he replaced it with was not so easily (read: moronically) defeated as the one in the film. Considering the completely different paths that put Captain Pike in a wheelchair in both realities, I figure I'm on pretty solid ground here.
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