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Re: Where did Spock go?

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^ Maybe "Cupcake" was Gary?

And who's to say Kirk wasn't as much of a horndog in the original universe as in this one?
Because he was naive enough to be easily manipulated by Mitchell where such things were concerned.

Actually, what Kirk's like in the movie doesn't actually strike me as what Mitchell seemed to be like in that episode. From the beginning, and by his own self-description of his past, Mitchell was a cold, manipulative and self-centered man.
And Pine's Kirk wasn't? I got a green girl who says otherwise--if she's even still alive. Maybe the green girl he apologized to in her stead will do, since they all look alike to him. (I know, I know, deleted scene... Goes to writer's state of mind, your honor, the same writers who gave us the shuckin' and jivin' robots of Transformers 2.)

EDIT: Besides, all Gary did was get an uptight friend laid--sure, he had ulterior motives, but come on, this is a guy who took a poison dart on Dimorus for Kirk. Before the Barrier, Gary was easily as good a a guy as Pine's Kirk. Easily. that's why WNMHGB is a tragedy.
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