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Re: Where did Spock go?

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A little something that occurred to me while watching a documentary on the Air Force Academy the other night:

Military academies are four-year programs, period.

They're not like civilian colleges where you can just rack up the credit hours and somehow do it in three years. Hell, cadets don't have any reasonable amount of time to do the normal workload (it's a part of teaching them time management and how to perform under intense pressure), let alone rack up any appreciable number of extra credits.

In other words, there is no such thing as finishing the program early! The only way you leave before those four years is you either quit or are expelled.

People's Exhibit #47 of how JJ & Co. don't have a clue about what they're doing.
That's funny, because I don't remember Star Trek '09 being about the Air Force Academy. I remember it being about a futuristic, completely fictional, space/military/exploration academy, where present-day American military academy rules don't apply. Because they certainly didn't apply in TOS, which Abrams based his movie on. Shatner's TOS crew's actions were far different from how any U.S. Navy crew would act. So really, Abrams knew exactly what he was doing, because he copied TOS's style of military service.

Really, we all know you hate the movie, because you bring it up with every post you make. It's like you have absolutely nothing meaningful to say anymore about anything other than finding more and more insignificant things to bitch about with this film. And we're all fine with the fact that you hate it. You don't have to justify your hatred with silly anecdotes that don't prove anything anyway.
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