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Re: Great BSG-Twilight parody T-shirt

I do think it's an awesome T-Shirt, but I''m not sure if I'd wanna wear it. As I can imagine it would just lead to endless discussions with strangers along the lines of...

Them- "Oh, what's that? That's from Twilight, but why is there an old man on it?"
You- "It's a joke, it's Edward James Olmos"
Them- "Who?"
You- "A brilliant actor. He's in Battlestar Galactica"
Them- "What's that?"
You- "A sci-fi show..."
Them- "Oh... right... I don't get it"

etc etc etc. I love BSG more than life itself, but most people on the street don't know it from Adam, whereas everyone seems to know Twilight. It would just get annoying after a while
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