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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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Don't you dare leave us with just this description. You HAVE to draw this beast now.

And you know, Rassilon probably upgraded his Tardis for the time war or had a modern version built for him with even more formidable features - probably including several D-MAT guns as its primary weapons battery.
LOL.. yeah.. Let me put it to you this way, between what I got in the works, and what I have up and coming, you guys will see tons of Tardis designs.. inside and out! details and more details.. floor plans, engineering schematics, etc.. etc..

The proto-Tardis is a personal fav of mine, and the Tardis of Rassilon, the only type 7 in existence is a tough design, but it is sooo awesome! the Type -7 is a Tardis from the original early days of Gallifrey Time Lord society..

here are a couple of things to note in my take on the Early form Tardises..

I think that up till about the type-25 tardises used by the time lords, they were not grown.. think about it like this.. they developed and refined their technology over a period, of 1 billion years.. Time Lord history, and I am not including the prehistory.. cause I believe that rassilon considers the history of the Time Lords as being after they ascended to that title and stopped just being Gallifreyans..

anyways.. to me, it would seem that Tardis ships were initially constructed not grown.. and that as they developed they eventually started moving towards a more pseudo organically grown ships..probably with a coral like substance that resembles carbon nano tubes, and fibers..this is probably a discovery that allowed them to save on resources and construct ships stronger then the ones developed with metal would make sense given the dimensional and gravitational forces felt within the artificial dimension in which a Tardis rests...

anyways, Rassilon's Tardis is massive! it did not house Time War weaponry, at that time they only thought of a Tardis as a travel ship and used those ships to transport troops, tanks, and war materials.. it wasn't until the last great time war that the time lords decided to add weaponry to their ships..

Nope, a more conventional and elegant type of warfare was had by the ancient time lords of Lord President Rassilon's era..the Type 7 will not have the diamond and hexagonal pattern as the type 70 and type 40 possess..the ship had more of a domed room pattern built form metal..not grown..

if you notice the Type 70, Tardis of the Rani's class was slightly larger then the Type 40. this is because with the exception of the Type 7, most tardis development was in that scale.. it wasn't until more improved propulsion and time sceptre technology, coupled with the tessellated membranes led to a larger and more sturdy class of time ship..

the Type 91 Tardises were about the same size as the Type 70, but had smaller living quarters, and much of the extra domed rooms, were replaced by massive weaponry..

the type 100s were much smaller then most Tardises and were the final ones developed.. these sentient ships were made for war, and were controlled by a Bull tardis, which is the only ship larger then the Type 70 (the Rani's Ship), but smaller then the type 7 (Rassilon's ship).

the Type 7 tardis was referred to as the FORTRESS OF RASSILON!
The default format had massive doors, which would open and unleash an invading army of Time Lord Soldiers, and raston warrior robots, hover tanks, ground wepaonry batteries, and siege weapons, as well as time lord battle bases, which could be materialized directly from Rassilon's Fortress Tardis cargo holds.

a detailed design will follow soon enough, for now this is all I can give you guys a sneak peek of..

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