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Re: Superman 2 Donner Cut: Something I Just Noticed

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Okay, so the Donner Cut of Superman 2 uses the "flying around the Earth to reverse time" gag at the end to undo basically every event in the movie, and it's made clear that no one but Superman remembers what happens. (And we thought Star Trek invented the Reset Button!)

And after he does this, he goes back to the diner in northern Canada and gets revenge on that trucker who beat him up. Only because of the "time reversing" stunt he just pulled, the sequence of events that initially caused him to run afoul of the trucker never happened, so Superman is basically just beating up a guy for no reason!

Has anyone else noticed this?
I noticed it the first time, and frankly it nearly wrecked the film for me. It was a very sloppy bit of editing, and I honestly can't imagine this scene was placed there in the original plan, for the reasons you just stated.

Mind you, while I find it an interesting curiosity, I still find the Donner/Lester hybrid version of Superman II to be the far superior film, and not just because, logistically, the original release was the finished movie whereas the Donner cut is cobbled together. I mean, people complain about Lester adding the Metropolis street gags. But who added a toilet joke to the Fortress of Solitude that even Lester deleted?

I agree with the above statement that the "perfect version" lies somewhere between the two. Maybe someone will create such a version at a later date, using, for example, the more visually appealing (and more logical) Niagara Falls version of Lois' "suicide" attempt, while reinstating the Marlon Brando sequences, for example. And maybe tweaking the "FREEEEEEEEEEEE!" bit at the beginning which I thought was a bit silly.

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