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Re: Post Generations Pre First Contact Books?

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Aside from the awful "Ship of the Line" I was wondering if there was any other books or will be in the future depicting the TNG crew in this short time frame. I'm sure that "Ship of the Line" can't be the definitive take on this period...granted it is short and we can speculate on what happened and where the crew were reassigned prior to the E's launching but I'm a little surprised there hasn't been much more interest. Perhaps a Lost Era style book but in this case a Lost Year and a Half lol.
It always surprised me that more wasn't done with that time frame, to be honest, which is why I did Slings and Arrows. That six-eBook series -- which will be reprinted in dead-tree form some day, I hope -- took place over the course of the first year of the E's existence, leading up to First Contact.

I did up a timeline of all the Enterprise-E stories extant for the back matter of Slings and Arrows Book 6, and here's what I've got as taking place during that first year:

"Seeing Forever" by Jeff Suess in ST: Strange New Worlds IV
TNG: Ship of the Line by Diane Carey
TNG: Slings and Arrows Book 1: A Sea of Troubles by J. Steven York & Christina F. York
TNG: Slings and Arrows Book 2: The Oppressor's Wrong by Phaedra M. Weldon
TNG: Slings and Arrows Book 3: The Insolence of Office by William Leisner
"Adventures in Jazz and Time" by Kelly Cairo in ST: Strange New Worlds VII
"Out of the Box, Thinking" by Jerry M. Wolfe in ST: Strange New Worlds III
TNG: Slings and Arrows Book 4: That Sleep of Death by Terri Osborne
TNG: Section 31: Rogue by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin
TNG: Slings and Arrows Book 5: A Weary Life by Robert Greenberger
TNG: Slings and Arrows Book 6: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment by Keith R.A. DeCandido
"A Dish Served Cold" by Paul C. Tseng in ST: Strange New Worlds 10

Plus, there's Imzadi II: Triangle and "Friends with the Sparrows" in The Sky's the Limit, and the Shatner stuff which take place prior to the E's launch, as stated elsewhere in the thread...
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