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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Thanks Dennis for setting that straight.

I don't see the logic in people making things up. We've been having good discussion on this thread, but rumors and insults can quickly ruin that. This thread can be a useful place for discussion about one of the greatest episodes of fan-produced Trek or it can turn into a waste of everyone's time.

Please do not post things about other people which you cannot verify.

And once again, to set the record straight: Several credible sources have reported viewing Part 4 in various stages of completion. So we do know that it is being worked on. The sources who have reported in the last year seem to agree that it is close to being done but not yet finished.

We can hope for an update, but we know from experience that does not usually happen with this production, at least not officially.

What we can speculate on is the ending.... why do I have this foreboding sense of doom regarding Vandi Richards? I keep having this fear that she will pay the price to save the Tressaurians from the Tholian weapon. And I still want to know who's on board that shuttle that Capt Garrovick launches just before Exeter heads toward the weapon.
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