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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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Rassilon's Tardis:

As the ancient Black scrolls foretold, the powers and devices Rassilon created for subjugation and to conquer other races, were abominable..never the less, the Tardis specifically built for Rassilon in the ancient days was a Type 7, and was the only Type 7 Tardis's sheer size and mass was unbelievable. Though not as advanced as some may have dreamed, the Type 7 was pretty advanced for it's day. The interior was majestic, and had ornate columns, and sculpted time lord statues, as well as giant Time lord statues holding up various parts of the ship, and included ornate laurel leaf symbols, and ancient High Gallifreyan text, in certain places..It was the control room that was the most intriguing of the type 7. The room was a large domed Panopticon, with a ceiling that was at least 17 feet high, and was supported by pillars all around. the center of the room housed a large console, which fanned outward in 3 directions..

above the console in a throne like setting was where Rassilon sat, commanding his ship and personal army about the cosmos. Rassilon's Tardis had the ability to open a large gateway to a weapons store within the Tardis, accessible through the massive exterior. The Default outer shell of Rassilon's Tardis was no less then a Massive Ornate and sculpted Monolith. Intimidation was a key strategy of Rassilon's, and worked more often then brute force, sometimes all Rassilon had to do was land the Type 7 Tardis on a planet and remain there silent for a few days, and the inhabitants would be so scared, they would give up!

Rassilon's ship carried a legion of Raston Warrior Robots, a contingent of Chancellery Guard, a science/medical crew of about 35, an engineering crew of 25, and an advisory executive crew of 15, and a council ruling class contingent of 9 high Ranking Time Lords.

Rassilon's Garage contained hover Tanks, and various warfare devices for planetary subjugation..including drones, and a planetary isolation field generator.
Don't you dare leave us with just this description. You HAVE to draw this beast now.

And you know, Rassilon probably upgraded his Tardis for the time war or had a modern version built for him with even more formidable features - probably including several D-MAT guns as its primary weapons battery.
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