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Re: Forced Mind Meld?

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^ Maybe "Cupcake" was Gary?

And who's to say Kirk wasn't as much of a horndog in the original universe as in this one?

For that matter, have any of the novels dealt with exactly how Kirk and Gary first met? For all we know, it could have been just like this.
The My Brother's Keeper trilogy is about how 17- year old Kirk and Mitchell met and grew up through the academy.
Mitchell was also in Strangers From the Sky (set partly before "Where No Man..."), was horribly injured right at the start of TOS origin story Enterprise: The First Adventure (presumably so he could be kept out of the story and away from the regular TOS cast) and was totally ignored in Shatner's modern take on Kirk's academy days (released before STXI, but with a similar chaotic vibe), Collision Course.
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