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Re: Miley Cyrus Comes Forward As A 'Glee' Hater

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I just don't understand the people who go out of their way to piss and moan about it (or whatever show of the week we're discussing) to the extent of raining on everyone else's parade.

Then again, your sig quotes Warped9, who suffers from precisely this problem, so maybe my words don't count for much...
Giving a critical evaluation of a show is fine, but I agree that there are those who simply revel in pissing and moaning about those shows they don't like and who enjoy poking a stick in the eye of people who are fans of those shows. That's not an approach I have have any time for. Having said that, doubleohfive, you've sported a sig taking a shot at Star Trek: Voyager for as long as I can remember. However jocular the shot is, it's still a shot. Doesn't that contradict the position you've stated here?
Well yes and no.

A) The quote is from The Colbert Report, a show whose very existence is based in satire.

2) I've watched every episode of Star Trek: Voyager and while there are episodes I like, it's not my chosen favorite.

D) There's a marked difference between a quote from a satirical news show and actively going in to threads to bitch and complain about shows I don't watch just for the sake of bitching and moaning. I don't do the latter, and seeing others do it is, in my opinion, pretty lame.

That said, I probably should change my sig because you're right, the lack of context can be misleading and I'd rather avoid this kind of argument altogether.
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