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I am afraid about getting into yet another never-ending debate about the box office of Superman Returns, but I believe the production budget was around $185 million, and totaled around $200 million (disregarding all of the previous production costs slapped onto Returns for no apparent reason).

The film was a decent success, and not the rousing success that WB might have wanted, but I believe it was the lukewarm-to-negative response from fans and the decent box office returns that made WB hesitant about going forward with a sequel. Even if it made more than Batman Begins on a worldwide level (domestically, both films are about even) Begins was considerably better received by both fans and critics, and that probably weighed into WB's decision-making process.

I still think had he been given the chance, Singer and Co. could have been a fantastic, fun, and adventurous Superman Returns sequel. This is after all the man that gave us one of the best superhero sequels of all time, X2. I think Singer realized the lukewarm reception to Returns, based on his comments, and it was clear how he planned to go "all Wrath of Khan on [the sequel]" that he was going to amp up the stakes and the action.

Clearly, though, that's not what is going to happen, which is a shame since I really would have liked to have seen Singer's sequel, but oh, well. I'm honestly more interested in seeing him direct a future X-Men-related sequel.
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