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Re: Miley Cyrus Comes Forward As A 'Glee' Hater

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Backpeddle all you want. The intent of your first post is clear, especially considering the title of the thread.
Wrong. Once again, someone misinterpreted an article. Cyrus doesn't say she hates the show, only that musicals in general are not her thing - which is strange given her profession. As my mother's son, I have watched and enjoyed countless musicals and not enjoyed countless more.

I agreed with her on that and wondered why musicals had undergone such a resurgence in popularity. People who can comprehend the written word can see that, why can't you?

I, like any other vaguely sane person, base my choice of entertainment on personal preference. That does not make me or anyone else 'ignorant'. It makes me a person with a finite amount of time and money to spend on entertainment.

Now, I asked the question for a reason. I am genuinely interested in why people think musicals are suddenly so popular again.
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