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Re: Apple The New Comics Censors

Hermiod wrote:
Let me get this straight, you want Apple to add Flash to the iPhone just so you can turn it off as soon as you get it out of the box ?

The Internet is supposed to be about open standards. There's nothing open about Flash. One company has made the Internet all about them and it's not Apple.
No, what I want is for no one company to be able to dictate what direction the web evolves in... especially one that has the potential of making financial gain if they can force something else out of the market. Apple's crusade against Flash has absolutely nothing to do with open standards; is has to do with Apple's stake in the H.264 patent fiasco and the threat of people running web applications instead of purchasing them from the store.

There is absolutely nothing altruistic about Apple's feud with Adobe: it's about money. Apple is a business. People seem to forget this frequently. Unlucky for Microsoft that in the mid-90's no one did the same to them.

Hermiod wrote: View Post
In general the main arguments against the iPhone seem to be from people who see some feature, often one that's an edge case that only they are interested in, that is missing and turn it in to a moral crusade.
The post of mine that you responded to is not an argument against the iPhone. It was instead me responding to a question someone asked as to why someone would choose an Android device over an iPhone. I've never understood why some people seem to think that picking a non-Apple product is equivalent to attacking Apple.

I don't care that you can't do any of the things I mentioned in said post with an iPhone because, well, I don't own one! For people who like the way Apple does things, they can keep buying iPhones and keep enjoying them. And for people who don't like them, they can buy other devices. You talking about how I'm an "edge case" entirely misses the point. Apple's products attempt to be one size fits all, which is great for some people and not so great for other people and so those other people are going to look elsewhere. Why is it so offensive to some that people buy non-Apple products?

Flash does suck. I rather hate it myself. But it should not be up to Apple or Google or Microsoft or any other company what standards the web uses. We've been down this road before and everytime a company tries to impose web standards because it helps their corporate interests, they get smacked down. But if Apple does it, it's okay? I'd prefer a non-hypocritical approach, thanks.

Small White Car wrote:
I totally believe your story, but if there are more Android+BB+Palm phones than iPhones (and more app sales for them then for iPhones) then why wouldn't it be backwards from what you described? Developers will write the cross-platform version first since that will see the most sales there and THEN write the iPhone version.

Right? Why do you think they'll go after the smaller number of sales first? Because that was how it worked in the past? It won't be that way in the future. The iPhone will never be a majority-product. It had a head-start in all this, but it won't last.
This is why: Apple has a commanding lead in direct to consumer app sales. As of now, Apple's store is worth more then all their competitors combined. This is the reason why people would target the iPhone first rather then everything else... it's still the market leader in app sales and is the more lucrative space to be in. And that's why what policies Apple puts on its developers needs to be under scrutiny. This isn't some anti-Apple crusade on my part; if the situation was reversed and Google was trying to do the same thing you'd see me ranting just the same.

You're right that Apple's head start won't last... and I have no doubt that the reason Apple is behaving this way is because they know that and they're trying to fight it. Well great, let them fight it, but not if it means engaging in anti-competitive practices.
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