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Re: Movie Quotes That Pop in Your Head/You Use

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Do you have a favorite quote from a movie that either pops into your head during specific situations or that you use? I have two.

1) Every time I see a police officer, police car, or the like, I'm reminded of when Buzz Lightyear first saw Woody in Toy Story. So in my head or even mumbling, I'll say, "Ah, local law enforcement."

2) From the movie Captain Ron, I love using the line, "Tell the General shit happens." I queued that up on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, and my 15-year old exclaimed, "So *THATS* where you got that"
I'm actually going to pull a Star Trek one from Voyager's "Ashes to Ashes" when Ballard says one of her favorite Klingon sayings is "Own the day." Not sure how often I reference it but I think it occasionally and have used it before.
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